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Measurements :

 To take the measurements, i need a photo of you bust from the front, profile and from behind, with the ribbon placed around the waist, like that : 

mesure 2.png
mesure 1.png


You must also send me each of the measurements listed, in photos with the ribbon measure.

Do not hesitate to take your measurements several times to ensure that there are no errors !


- 0 Personnal size 

-1Small hip circumference

-2 Chest size

-3 Waist size 

-4 Hip size

-5 Waist height

-6 Front bust height 1

-7 Front bust height 2

-8 Back bust height 1

-9 Back bust height 2

-10 Bust height middle front

-11 Back length

-12 Shoulder length 

-13 Collar size

-14 Neckline

-15 Inside front shoulder length

-16 Inside back shoulder length

-17 Shoulder circumference

-18 Armhole measurement

--19 Arm roundness

-20 Arm length 

-21 Shoulder/elbow length

-22 Elbow/Wrist length

-23 Arm bend length

-24 Back arm length

-25 Arm circumference

-26 Elbow circumference

-27 Mid-arm circumference

-28 Wrist circumference

-29 Cleavage length 

-30 Skirt Length

-31 Front chest height 1

-32 Front chest height 2

-33 Breast roundness

-34 Head size

-35 Desired sleeve length

-36 Desired skirt length


Shoulder/elbow length + Elbow/Wrist length = Arm length 


Mesures culotte et pantalon

please not : the panties are worn on the natural waist, they are not worn in size.

Please measure at the natural waistline.


AB:Waist to knee lenght

AD:Wait to under buttocks length

BC:Knee to ankle lenght

AC:Must be equal to AB+BC

DE:Interior crotch to ankle length

    Go up to the highest point at the crotch

FG:Middle waist front to middle waist back length

GH:Waist back to knee length

FD:like the picture

1:Thigh circumference under buttock

2:Thigh circumference

3:Knee circumference

4:Under knee circumference

5:Calf circumference

6:Ankle circumference

7:Small hip circumference (on the tip of the pelvic)

8:Large hips (at the fleshiest part of the buttocks)

9:Waist size

10:Half-waist front size

11:Half-waist back size

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