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Madame Augustine, a walk down memory lane :

There is nothing new, except that which is forgotten. (Rose Berlin, minister of fashion of Marie-Antoinette)

During the 18th and 19th centuries, fashion, like politics, was subject to many changes and influences : from the madness of lace, to the baskets and the crinoline of the royalty; from to the voluptuous dresses of the First Empire, to the audacious curves of the ‘Belle époque’ – in each period, we come back to the same idea : enhance the feminine. 

Madame Augustine is a label (ou fashion house) that invites you to visit once more the wardrobe of the past. I invite you to become a time traveler through collections of dresses, shirts, coats, accessories, corsets and hats to suit old and modern tastes. I created this label through a love for history, but above all, a love for the history of fashion. Every period has its style and so we can find something to suit every taste.

So hesitate no longer! Browse through two centuries of elegance, adapted for every modern convenience.

Who I am ?

Trained as a seamstress and autodidact, I offer you models taken from my own imagination. Working totally independently, my inspiration comes from works of art, literature or women who have left their marks on history. I have had the personal pleasure of wearing most of the outfits I make.

And so I work for the love of creating quality and unique clothes. If you appreciate craftmanship and french know-how which transcends the decades, Madame Augustin will be pleased to dress you up.

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